MORNING STAR. screening en Rotterdam IFF

DCP-HD–2013– France–100 min–Color-DRAMA 

Directed by Sophie BLONDY
Original language: French
Cast: Denis Lavant, Tchéky Karyo, Béatrice Dalle, Iggy Pop, Natacha Regnier, Bruno Putzulu
Synopsis: Set in the dunes near the North Sea, a small circus company is suffering from a serious lack of audience for their shows.The most to be worried of is the two love triangle among the troupe leading the desperate ones to call on magic and spells. Angele (Natacha Regnier), the diaphanous ballerina, her clown lover Elliot (Denis Lavant) and the circus ringmaster (Tcheky Karyo), full of cruelty and disturbed by fits of schizophrenia on one side, and Zohra (Béatrice Dalle) in love with Elliot, haunted by an uncanny conscience (Iggy pop).
Secrets, jealousy, envy will progressively take hold of them and trigger some irreversible acts. 

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