JISEUL. le pelicula coreana que triunfa en Sundance

Impecable blanco y negro

2012 | 109 min | B&W | HD | Director O Muel | Drama
Best Indie Film of 2012 by Association of Korean Independent Film & Video,
Grand Jury Prize at Sundance FF, Rotterdam IFF,
NETPAC Award, Directors Award by Director's Guild of Korea, Citizen Reviewers’ Award, and CGV Movie Collage Award at Busan IFF

In 1948, as the government issued the communists’ eviction to the Jeju Island, the military invaded a calm and peaceful village. Running away from the military, the townsfolk get into the cave. They try to hide to survive but there seems no hope like the dark cave. As time goes by, people are suffering from severe cold and hunger staying in the cave.
One day, it still seems nothing changed. And a man who worries about his pigs at home, is trying to get back home to feed them but the rest strictly stop him. With nothing but frustration, people start fall apart debating if they should move to the higher mountain or just stay in the cave.

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